Shanna Tyler on Sharpening Your Resilience Through Running

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By Dominique Burton

Shanna Tyler believes that you can do it and have it all — from pursuing a life of passion to cultivating a supportive network and making money doing what you love! As an online life- and business coach for entrepreneurial women and the host of The Self Soul Sport Podcast, she loves connecting with girl bosses from all over the world to build their brands and businesses with clarity, accountability, and community. 

RUNGRL co-founder Dominique Burton sat down with Shanna to learn how she got into running and why it continues to be such a big part of her fitness and wellness journey.

Note: Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

RUNGRL: Why did you start running? 

Shanna: I started running because it is the one movement that I felt intimated by. I don't like being intimidated by anything. Running on a treadmill and on the pavement challenged me mentally and emotionally. I decided to explore that this year. So far, it's been amazing! 

RUNGRL: How did you ease yourself into running? 

Shanna Tyler is a life and business coach and  podcast host , living and running in New York City.

Shanna Tyler is a life and business coach and podcast host, living and running in New York City.

Shanna: I love this question! I had to throw myself into running. Easing is definitely not my thang, so I decided to make an end goal of running a 5k in six weeks, then joined a running program that kept me accountable. I immediately started running three times a week and getting it done! 

RUNGRL: What are your short term and long term running goals?

Shanna: Short-term: Run a 30 minute 5k and run three miles without stopping AT ALL! Long-term, in a year, I want to run a half marathon! 

RUNGRL: Do you prefer to run for a certain number of miles or a set amount of time? 

Shanna: I am now going for a pace of a 10-minute mile, but am being kind to myself when I log in at 11:00-minute mile. I just started running regularly a few months ago, and I am trying to already get to the athlete level. WOOOF. Now, when I go on runs, I don't have a set number of miles or time, I just want to set a mindset and get it going! 

RUNGRL: What gets you through tough runs? 

Shanna: What motivates me during a run is my resilience. I want to feel like I can do anything I set my mind too. I can do anything in 30 minutes, so why not at least run? Why not challenge myself?

RUNGRL: What do you consider your go-to running gear?

Shanna: I love my Apple Watch since it allows me to control my Spotify app, podcasts, and see how far I'm running (plus my running pace). I also enjoy my AirPods. You can definitely describe me as an Apple girl. Other go-to's are my Brooks Running shoes, I love them. They're perfect for my wide foot. 

RUNGRL: What is the most important thing you've learned about yourself during your running journey? 

Shanna: That I can accomplish anything that I put into my vision. I didn't imagine that I'd lace up in the morning and jog in my neighborhood voluntarily until I decided it was what I wanted to do. This running journey has shown me that I can push myself not only on the pavement and treadmill but in my self-love and biz. 

RUNGRL: How does it feel when you call yourself a runner? 

Shanna: Calling myself a runner now is pretty natural but still has its pang of imposter syndrome. However, I've been working through it by calling myself a runner in my head during runs and now manifesting it with words!

You can find Shanna on Instagram keeping it “really real” and at where she shares her experiences, insights and positive vibes.

All photos courtesy of Shanna Tyler.


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