RUNGRL Tips: Keys to Running in the Rain

Photo/Graphic Design by Stephani Franklin for RUNGRL

Photo/Graphic Design by Stephani Franklin for RUNGRL

By Na’Tasha Jones

Rain Drop. Miles Stop…or do they?

It’s the time of year when perfect running conditions are few and far between. Since running on the treadmill can also get old fast, one way to stay consistent with your running schedule is to be ready to run outdoors, even when it’s raining. Our RUNGRL founders share their best tips for getting those miles in when the rain is trying to stop your shine.

Your Rainy Day Attitude

“Soak it all in, literally. We’ve been conditioned to avoid rain at all costs. ‘Don’t get your hair wet, you’ll get sick’, you might think. But that’s totally false. Getting a few miles in while in the rain comes with a side of euphoria and calm that you just can’t find on a dry day. Allow yourself that experience.” -  Ashlee

Before the Run

“If you know you might get caught in the rain, grease up as a preventative measure the areas on your body that you know are prone to rubbing against your clothes. This can help decrease your chance of chafing. I like using Body Glide for Her or you can simply use Vaseline. Good areas to apply Glide include your feet and around your bra line.” - Stephani

#MyRunningHair in the Rain

“If you’re okay with getting your hair wet during the run, pat it dry with a t-shirt or microfiber towel as soon as you get home to remove moisture. If you DON’T want to get your hair wet, layer up! Wrap it with a scarf, a shower cap, hat, jacket, poncho, whatever it takes. We know your hair is important, so sometimes it’s not all about being cute, you just have to be practical.” - Jasmine

The Right Gear

“Rain typically means gloomy and dark, which also means less visibility for drivers, cyclists and other pedestrians. Wearing reflective gear is key, like a vest, armband or headlamp. I like to wear compression socks that have reflective gear sewn in. You will see me coming!” - Dominique

“If you have trail running shoes and know that rain is in the forecast, opt for them instead. They’re usually waterproof and will provide more grip on slippery streets or sidewalks.” - Stephani

“Throw on a light, breathable, weatherproof jacket over your usual season-appropriate running gear. Don’t overdress, though, you’ll get hot!” - Natalie

“Since I wear glasses, I wear light breathable hats with a brim. The Ciele ones are a personal fave.” - Dominique

“Protect your electronics from moisture. Use a waterproof case or a sandwich bag to wrap your phone, and use waterproof headphones or make sure to cover them with a hat or hood.” - Ashlee

On the Run

“Remember to tread lightly on slippery surfaces. This won’t be your usual run or running pace, and that’s okay. Rain presents a hazard on wet streets and sidewalks. Fall leaves can also cover the sidewalk and be very slick. You want to give your run your best, but take caution to avoid slips and falls.” - Natalie

“Try to be more alert than usual to your surroundings for safety purposes. If you run with music, this is an even more important time to run with one earbud out. Just like it is harder to see in the rain, it’s much harder to hear things too. You might not hear another pedestrians footsteps behind you, nor might they be able to hear you coming. This applies to approaching vehicles or even potential attackers as well. Stay alert at all times to avoid accidents and other dangers.” - Na’Tasha

After the Run

“Bring along a dry pair of socks and/or slides to change into post run. This will prevent chafing/blistering and, in general, be more comfortable.” - Stephani

“Remove wet clothes immediately after your run and dry off to prevent chafing, bacteria growing in your clothes and even the possibility of hypothermia.” - Natalie

“Try to wash and dry my sneakers right after a wet run, if that is not possible, I grab old newspapers and stuff them, making sure to remove the insoles. Either way, allow them to air dry. No putting them in the dryer!” - Dominique

Have you tried a rainy day run before? Share your tips and best practices with us in the comments below!

*Note, the recommendations in this post are from the participants’ own experience and not paid endorsements. Each person’s results may vary. Preferred products are linked in this post as RUNGRL affiliate links.

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Na’Tasha Jones

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