#AskCoachAsh Episode 003: Recovery Tools for Runners


By Ashlee Lawson, Co-founder, CEO and RRCA-certified Running Coach


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What are Recovery Tools for Runners?

Here at RUNGRL, we talk about stretching and recovery a ton. As runners, recovery and recovery activities are just as important as getting out there and getting those miles. 

I have personally been notorious for not recovering appropriately after my runs and workouts, and my body lets me know when I don’t. 

In order to be the best runners we can be, we must take care of our running bodies. We only get one, so if we want to keep putting the miles in, we’ve got to also be diligent about putting in the recovery work. 

This episode is specifically about your recovery tools. These are the things you want to have around the house that will support your recovery efforts. 

Foam Roller 

Foam rolling is like giving yourself a massage. It’s great for muscle release, as well as increasing blood flow to muscles to aid in recovery and increase performance. 

Foam rolling is great both before runs to help warm up muscles and after runs to aid in recovery. You can also roll out on those days where you just couldn’t make it out the door but still want to do some general maintenance. 

Rolling Massage Stick 

This therapeutic device activates trigger points in your muscle, works out knots and kinks, warms muscles, increases circulation and encourages nutrient-rich blood flow.

The stick relieves pain, increases range of motion promotes flexibility and accelerates recovery.

Lacrosse Ball 

Similar to the foam roller, lacrosse balls are great for self-myofascial release or massage. What makes them extra special is that they're great for those hard-to-reach spots, and they’re very portable, too. 

Use a lacrosse boll (or tennis ball) to massage glutes, hamstrings, feet, chest and shoulders. They’re also good for the often tight upper back.

Use a strap to help extend your stretch and push beyond your comfort zone for increased recovery and flexibility. Photo: Matthew Green for RUNGRL

Use a strap to help extend your stretch and push beyond your comfort zone for increased recovery and flexibility. Photo: Matthew Green for RUNGRL

Stretchy Strap 

Stretch straps take your stretching to the next level. They help pull you a bit further than where you might naturally be able to stretch on your own.

Yoga Mat/Block 

Your mat provides support and comfort on hard surfaces and good for any time you get down on the floor (on the flo’!). The yoga block helps support when trying more intense stretches when you might not quite be at that level yet. (Think, for example, of trying to do a split but you can’t go all the way down yet. The block supports that space between you and your goal position.)


As you progress in your training, whether for a particular race or just increasing miles in general, recovery becomes more and more important. You have to (have to!) recover. Nobody likes to do it, trust me. Those few extra minutes after your run seem all the more tedious when you thought you were already “finished”. But, the truth is, your training is never really complete without it, because you can end up doing more damage to muscles and joints.

Set out to recover with intention and let it become a habit, and you’ll see improvements in your performance right away. 

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