Running to Find Your ‘Why’

Photo: Matthew Green for RUNGRL

Photo: Matthew Green for RUNGRL


There may be times when you are having trouble finding the motivation to get out there and run. Motivation may be low, you may have had a long day, or you simply aren’t feeling it. In these moments, it’s good to have a purpose or a “why”. These intentions will keep you true to your commitment and help you stay driven. The “why” is what will keep you going when you start to question your purpose in committing to running and fitness the first place.

For some, this “why I’m running” may be easily apparent: “I want to be stronger”, “I’m concerned about generational health concerns” or “I want to lose weight” are all good starting points. For others, it can take a bit of searching to reveal what will really motivate you.

Consider these reasons to help you dive deeper when you’re looking to find your “why”.

Run for Your Health

Here at RUNGRL, we often discuss the mental health benefits running can provide. Running also serves as a stress reliever and helps fight off negative thinking. Are you driven to run for weight loss or to get involved in more cardio for heart health purposes? Those are certainly important reasons that will add meaning to your runs.

Run Because it’s Hard

If you are a #BeginHer (beginner runner), you will soon learn the real difficulties of running on a regular basis. Perhaps you’ve shied away from running in the past for that very reason, but why not face it head on? Channel your inner M’baku and tell yourself, “It’s Challenge Day!” when you need to be reminded of your “why”.  Show yourself what you’re made of and face your fears head-on.

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Run in Memory of a Loved One

Many runners, especially on race days, dedicate their gritty miles to an ill or lost loved one. Running in memory of someone can make each run more purposeful because there is a sense of duty to someone other than yourself. Some run because others are unable or to make their lost one proud through each pounding step. It gives you a sense of connection to them and it can be a way to reflect on their memory as you push forward.

Run Because Representation Matters

Why not start with yourself when searching for meaning in your runs? You, my dear, matter. Be your own hype woman and remind yourself that you’re a total badass. As a bonus, while you’re advocating for yourself, you will also inspire other Black women to do the same #fortheculture. Everyone should see you making yourself, your health and wellness a priority. There is nothing like seeing yourself represented. You are doing it for the culture, Black women, your great-grandchildren, Michelle Obama and your mama. Show everyone that you are out here and that WE are out here.  

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Run to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Find peace, meditate, de-stress, reflect, escape. Something troubling you? Use this alone time to be with just be still with your thoughts. It’s amazing what happens when you allow yourself to just let go. Remember what you’re capable of achieving and embrace the beautiful version of who you are when you run.


Natalie Robinson

Co-founder + Chief Sponsorship Officer