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By Ashlee Lawson, Jasmine Nesi

Introducing Miles + Mimosas presented by RUNGRL

Nothing feels better after a long run than refueling with friends and food and bubbly for a bunch worth celebrating. Miles + Mimosas is the IRL (in-real-life) version of everything that RUNGRL stands for. Through fitness and fellowship, we're on a mission to support everyday women on their journey to becoming their best selves.

Miles + Mimosas (M+M) was born out of a desire from RUNGRL co-founders Ashlee Lawson and Jasmine Nesi to curate a community for women to come together for running and wellness (and mimosas). The idea was simple:

“We're runners. We're brunchers. We brought the two together for the sake of community. There are few better ways to enjoy a run than with a group of women by your side, and (bottomless) mimosas waiting for you at the finish.” 

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The first M+M event was held in Washington, D.C. in July 2017. We met up for a beautiful, scenic 5K run through the District. Afterward, we met back at Sospeso, where we discussed how to keep safe on the run. Inspired by a special report by Runner’s World on “Running While Female” and the “scourge of harassment” women experience on the run, we talked about our own personal experiences and best practices for keeping ourselves safe both collectively and individually.

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Next, we headed to Baltimore, for a hot, summer 5K run and brunch along Baltimore’s Inner Harbor at Barcocina. The topic this time was ‘breaking through the wall,’ that dreaded moment in every race when your body feels like it’s breaking down.

Overwhelmingly, our lady runners knew that it’s largely a mental game when it comes to the wall. We chatted and shared our favorite mantras to help us breakthrough, including “It’s temporary,” “Breathe in courage, exhale fear,” “Get comfortable being uncomfortable,” and “The finish line is worth the fight.”

This past February, we held another event in D.C. at popular U Street brunch spot Hawthorne, where our ladies showed up and crushed it despite the rain. We did a deep dive on what it means to be a Black female runner and discovered that many ladies’ experiences on the run come with very similar challenges. Specifically around our hair, cat calling and the over-sexualizaiton of the Black female body as well as the lack of community and representation at our disposal.  

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Now, as we expand to even more cities and cover even more important topics, we are excited to not only teach and empower, but also to learn from the many beautiful Black women who are hitting the pavement all over the world.

Learn about upcoming Miles + Mimosas events here. View photos from past Miles + Mimosas events on our Facebook page.


Ashlee Lawson

Chief Executive Officer


Jasmine Nesi


Chief Operating Officer