Miles + Mimosas D.C. Takes on Haircare for Black Women Runners

Photo: Na'Tasha Jones for RUNGRL

Photo: Na'Tasha Jones for RUNGRL

By Dominique Burton


Brunch in D.C. is an institution. Ask any native Washingtonian or long-time transplant, and they’ll rattle off at least a half-dozen of their favorite brunch spots for you to try. Often, though, those experiences lack the added component of being able to meet new people, and they certainly don’t include a way to burn off all the mimosa calories right away.

On August 5, RUNGRL brought its signature run-and-brunch event series, Miles + Mimosas, back to D.C. On this scorcher of a morning, thirty-one women set out for a 5K run/walk through Southeast D.C., followed by brunch at Eastern Market-area staple, Eatbar. Brunch was punctuated with a candid conversation about Black women’s often-complicated relationship between hair care and wellness. As part of RUNGRL’s #MyRunningHair initiative, attendees shared insights, tools, resources and products to encourage each other along our fitness and hair journey.

The goal was to promote a safe space for Black women to encourage one another rather than compete with one another and learn from each other on issues we all face.

‘Gaining knowledge of your own hair’, ‘how to find the best products for your hair type’ and ‘making wellness a priority’ were the hot topics of the day.

Photo: Na'Tasha Jones for RUNGRL

Photo: Na'Tasha Jones for RUNGRL

“We spend a lot of time on our hair. It's important that we look good, that we feel good about ourselves,” explained one participant.

Each of the attendees expressed what their turning points were in their hair journeys, and it all came down to confidence. When each woman was no longer afraid to feel different, to love their own hair and not care as much what others had to say, they were ready to rock their new hairdos and make exercise a priority throughout the week, instead of just on “wash day” or when their hair is “not done”.

The key, though, is remembering that love and care for your hair and body are both a constant evolution.

Participants also received free hair product samples for various hair types courtesy of our friends at Love the Hair YOU Wear, a local campaign and event series that brings together the natural hair community.

Miles + Mimosas D.C. presented a beautiful experience that brought all shapes, sizes, shades, ages and hair types together in one room.

View more photos from the event on the RUNGRL Facebook page. Read more about RUNGRL's #MyRunningHair initiative here


Dominique Burton

Chief Partnerships Officer