RUNGRL Joins Love the Hair YOU Wear D.C.

Video: Gene View Media for RUNGRL


As Black women, hair care is no small part of our lives. Whether natural, relaxed, braided, weaved or locked, we take pride in our beautiful tresses. That means we’re spending lots of time and even more money on taking care of our hair. Indeed, the Los Angeles Times estimates that “Black consumers spending an estimated $2.56 billion on hair.”

As active runners, we know this hair maintenance can be particularly intense, which is why RUNGRL was excited to join Love the Hair YOU Wear on June 10 in Washington, D.C. Now in its fourth year, Love the Hair You Wear is an event that showcases products, services and information for those with natural hair.

Vecoya Banks , event host and founder of Love the Hair YOU Wear 

Vecoya Banks, event host and founder of Love the Hair YOU Wear 

“The purpose of the Love the Hair You Wear campaign is for the natural hair community to come together, embrace and learn about their natural hair, increase self-esteem and enjoy the company of other natural beauties,” said Vecoya Banks, event host and founder of Love the Hair YOU Wear.

RUNGRL co-founder Jasmine Nesi was thrilled to take part in the natural hair discussion panel. She and three other ladies discussed their individual hair journeys, favorite hair products, go-to products, and the many ways that their hair has a place in their lives.

When the discussion turned to care for your hair while staying active, Jasmine noted, “My running journey was what prompted my natural hair journey four years ago. I think I’ve gotten creative and by making running a priority, along with my natural hair, I’ve just been able to figure out what works.”

The event featured curly hair care and Deva Cut demos, real-time trials and reviews of new products, and of course, a ton of amazing hair goodies.

View more info on the Love the Hair YOU Wear Website.