RUNGRL National Women’s Half Marathon Training Program 



In February 2018, the founders of RUNGRL convened a group of six Black women runners of all ability and skill levels to participate in the first RUNGRL half marathon training program. The goal: to earn 12 PR’s at the inaugural National Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, April 29th, 2018. 


The pilot training program featured:

  • 12-week training plan and planner
  • Group runs and cross-training workouts
  • A tight knit community of support
  • Designated accountability partners
  • Weekly group reflections

While none of the women were brand new to this distance, they were quickly reminded that running has a funny way of humbling you. Over 12 weeks, they pushed one another daily, broke through mental barriers, overcame many challenges, and celebrated more successes as all while growing stronger collectively and individually. Through training, and especially on race days, runners test what they're made of, and one thing the RUNGRL 12 learned early on, they’re made of solid vibranium.

The 12 focused on capturing and sharing, their authentic stories,  in the end they hope that by sharing the journey, others feel encouraged to join in the movement to bring more Black girl magic to the streets!


Meet the six ladies who joined the RUNGRL founders in this unique, 12-week training experience.


Aurélie M.

I never knew I could run this far, but I did. I still don't think I can run that fast, but I'm continuously pushing myself with the help and encouragement of the team. The RUNGRL training has provided me with all the skills and expertise I will need to reach my PR and even if I don't make it, this will be my best race yet!

Accountability Partner: Dominique B.


Courtney L.

Coming back from an injury is never easy; especially when it has you sidelined for three months. RUNGRL came along right when I needed it most. Having a community of supportive women who you can relate to has been critical to my comeback. It’s up to us to be our biggest cheerleaders!

                                                                            Accountability Partner: Natalie R.


Lauren W.

RUNGRL has taught me structure and balance. I am inspired daily by the RUNGRL 12 ladies to push through. The RUNGRL structure has helped me to improve my time management skills by showing me that I am able to balance my career and social life while still adequately training for the half marathon.

Accountability Partner: Jasmine N.


Lizz R.

When people ask me how I got into running, I always struggle to come up with a good answer. That’s because I don’t think of myself as your typical runner. Running with RUNGRL has helped me realize why I got into running. It’s because I finally saw other women who looked like me out there doing it too. And now, I want to inspire others who are looking for a reason to try it out too.

Accountability Partner: Na'Tasha J.


Necole J.

If you ever had a doubt you can’t do it, Necole Jackson is inspiration you can. As a member of RUNGRL and a single mother, she refuses to give up on reaching her PR and staying dedicated to the training plan. She proves to be inspiration to change the face of a typical runner and motivate all mothers to run the streets with their little ones.

Accountability Partner: Ashlee L.


Perri S.

After training for and completing the Chicago marathon in 2017, running felt like a chore, and lacing up my sneakers was the last thing I wanted to do. Being an athlete my entire life, I loved being active, and this disdain for running was very uncharacteristic of me. I joined RUNGRL to find a community that could help me fall in love with running again.

Accountability Partner: Stephani F.